Multimedia and Video


In 2011 I started studying multimedia. My first full assignment was covering the story of Justin Mihalaki, who had injured both of his legs after having a seizure and falling off of a ladder. After spending over a year in bed, Justin’s old friend, Mike Kumler, motivated him to start playing paintball again, a sport they both love. With Justin’s hard work and determination, he was doing exactly what his doctors didn’t think would ever happen again- He was running.



It's always a great experience to dive at the Baltimore Aquarium. As a guest diver I'm able to shoot video of the volunteer divers feeding the animals. As always, I thank all of the volunteer divers from the Thursday A team for letting me dive with them. Special thanks to Colleen Riley. Great job on feeding the rays!

Last year I was able to dive with the same dive team. I had used my GoPro camera, but my video wasn't sharp underwater with the original housing. Since then, GoPro came out with a new housing specifically for underwater photography. It certainly made a major improvement, but the low lighting in the Aquarium doesn't work well with the original GoPro HD Hero. Since I consider this video a work in progress, I'm sure the quality of my future work will continue to improve.



As a divemaster and friend of one of the Baltimore Aquarium’s volunteer divers, I was able to come along as a guest diver for a day. Diving with such a variety of aquatic life and watching the volunteers hand feed the animals was a great experience. I thank all of the volunteer divers from the Thursday A team for treating me like one of their own.



I've always had an interest in time-laps and stop-motion videos. This was my first attempt at making one myself, which I shot in 2010. Overall I'm satisfied with the results. The piece is a relatively simple idea and the execution was not all that difficult. I'm currently brainstorming more interesting ideas and plan to shoot my next piece using different camera angles.